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e-Tools Updates | April 2021


Welcome to the first 2021 edition of the e-Tools Software newsletter. We have lots to share with you, so please read on.

How Rochester & Elmore District Health Service is meeting best practice standards in visitor access management

Rochester & Elmore District HS (REDHS), a longstanding e-Tools client, sought a comprehensive  solution to manage visitors and contractors into their facility. Recognising this as an important step in protecting the health and wellbeing of residents and meeting regulatory requirements, REDHS weren't just looking for an off-the-shelf product, they wanted a system that would link seamlessly with their existing contractor data in e-Tools Supplier Agreement (eSA). 

e-Tools worked closely with REDHS to deliver a customised solution that met their needs. This collaboration is what makes e-Tools Visitor Management (eVM) a unique visitor management system, as it is purpose-built to meet specific industry requirements. eVM is not just about collection of visitor details. It gives you a chance to to take a step back and consider stricter protocols about visitor entry into your care facility. With this in mind, eVM will link and share data with other key e-Tools modules:

  • eSA (Suppliers): Added ability to check if contractors have outstanding requirements
  • eSRM (Staff): Reduce staff time filling out manual paperwork  
  • NeRA (Residents): Monitor residents' movements when they leave the facility - Available in the near future 

eVM facilitates best practice and sets the industry standard in visitor management. For a long-term solution that will help you adapt easily to future changes, find out more about eVM.

Congratulations to Newcastle & Hunter Community Health, winner of 'Australian Small Business Champion' Awards

We'd like to congratulate the team at Newcastle & Community Health (NHCH), the 2020 winner of the Professional Medical Services Category at the Awards.

Our partnership with NHCH commenced when they were a startup NDIS business, and we first supported them with the eNDIS application. We were able to play a small role in assisting them to navigate the complex challenges of operating a successful business in this sector, through our years of industry experience.

Managing Directors Geoff and Alison McQueen, pictured, are extremely hands-on, proactive and innovative. Their approach, including a willingness to communicate openly, embrace technology and provide regular staff training to maintain the highest level of care, is indicative of the genuine compassion they have for their clients. 

When NHCH expanded into Home Care, the eHCP application was a natural progression for their business. They now also use eSRM for staff records and tasking, and e-Tools Mobile Apps for staff communication and service delivery. 

It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to be part of their journey thus far, and we congratulate them on this well-deserved award. Find the link to the full article here. 

Picture and article courtesy of Newcastle Herald.

Rebranding of e-Tools Software applications 

e-Tools Software has recently renamed its applications. This move comes as part of a corporate identity update to reinforce brand recognition within the industry, and does not affect the functionality and features of our applications.

The ‘e’ in our application names has historically stood for the word electronic. Moving forward, the ‘e’ in our application names will represent our brand and company name, e-Tools Software.

Part of our rebranding includes renaming the eHRM application to e-Tools Staff Records Management (eSRM). We believe this new name provides a clearer description of the application and its purpose.

eSRM helps manage staff records to meet Department compliance, acting as a storage hub with a tracking system for qualifications, skills, training, vaccinations and police check certificates. These records can be shared with other e-Tools applications, making eSRM a powerful application that can help enhance your service delivery and outcomes.

Visit our website for more info or contact us to request a free demo.

Webinar | Common Misconceptions about Resident Agreements and Their Legal Implications 

e-Tools and Russell Kennedy team up to bring you this webinar, where we dispel common misconceptions in the resident agreement process, and address the legal impact on compliance. 

This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to hear from the legal and IT experts behind NeRA software! We will be sending out webinar booking information shortly, so keep an eye out for it.


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