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e-Tools Software Release Summary | 24 November 2021


Dear Client,

We start a Release Summary this month, aimed at helping you to stay on top of releases, especially if you have multiple software applications. We will provide a snapshot of releases and version numbers plus release notes in case you missed any previous email notifications.

Please check the current version number on your software against that shown in the release. If they are different, you haven't downloaded the updated release and will need to do so. 

If you are interested in a free no-obligation demo on any e-Tools software applications, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Current Version Number

Release Date | Release Notes

e-Tools Home Support Programme

[eHSP] v5.5.3.0

17/11/21  Notes v5.5.3.0 

04/10/21  Notes v5.5.2.0

e-Tools Home Care Package

[eHCP] Web v5.0.6.0

[eHCP] Windows v1.5.10.0  

No changes

e-Tools Reconciliation
[eREC] v1.7.2.0

26/10/21  Notes v1.7.2.0

20/10/21  Notes v1.7.1.0

e-Tools National Disability Insurance Scheme [eNDIS]  v1.13.34.0

No changes

e-Tools Staff Records Management
[eSRM] v1.2.17.0

15/11/21  Notes v1.2.17.0

15/10/21  Notes v1.2.16.0 

eWorkforce Mobile App v1.12.11

15/11/21  Notes v1.2.17.0 [eSRM]

eConsumer Mobile App v1.3

No changes

e-Tools Visitor Management 

[eVM] Web v1.0.4.0

22/11/21  Notes v1.0.4.0

Tablet Application v1.7

22/11/21  Notes v1.0.4.0 [eVM Web]

e-Tools Supplier Agreement

[eSA] v2.4.11.0

No changes

e-Tools Maintenance Register
[eMR] v1.6.5.0

No changes

National e-Tools Resident Agreement [NeRA] v3.10.13.0

16/11/21  Notes v3.10.13.0

e-Tools Refundable Accommodation Deposit [eRAD] v2.3.0.0

No changes

e-Tools Dashboard
[eDB] v1.3.2.0

No changes


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries on

The e-Tools Software Team


Please do not reply to this email address, as it is not monitored. We welcome any enquiries or change of details as always - kindly contact our Support Team via instead.